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Reincarnation Map? [
Posted on May 21, 2007 @ 2:38 pm
Well...since I don't post much I decided to do so! Below you can find my Tao Trigram/Hexigram reading. This is the page where you can get your reading done. It's really cool because it's far more extensive than simply looking at the year and month you were born. At first it seems a little complicated, so if you have problems just ask me and I'll help you with yours ^^

Mine makes so much sense and very accurately describes how I am. The complimentary trigrams/hexigrams are the most interesting because their titles and meanings I realized point to my past life and this life.

Anyway, the first section with all the text lumped together just explains Trigrams and Hexigrams so if you want to skip reading that go ahead, but it may help you decypher things more easily.

The Hexigram Is under this cut, ^^; please click for more!Collapse )
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Wish Granted! [
Posted on January 19, 2007 @ 11:11 pm
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<.< So you guys want me to post something huh? I'm not so good at expressing myself about myself you know. Well..I'm taking two classes you know already and math is alright...its what you expect. I've only been to public speaking once, this next monday is the second time and we're going to need to do impromptu speeches, I get a topic on a peice of paper and have to talk about it for like a minute or more. I also need to find a story or something from literature to read to the class the class after that. I'm thinking about finding a Japanese folktale. If any of you guys have ideas go ahead and tell me.

*is watching Jay Leno while typing this* Don Rickles is funny I don't care what you say XD

Anyway...I'm going to be making another amv sometime, I dunno when though, but yeah it's gonna be Bleach again. I don't know what song I'm going to use yet. Bleach is the first Manga ever to make me cry XD lol.

eto...Justin is making a comic based off of us..and I really think its a good idea. If you didn't show Hide-chan yet you should, Justin. When he showed me the first attempt at drawing me I'm like "redo me" XD the second attempt looks much better.

Well..you guys wanted this so here you go.

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Posted on November 11, 2006 @ 12:47 am
rye bread here just checking that robbu-chan's layout works fine!
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